Tourism In Spain – What are you worth knowing

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Tourism In Spain – What are you worth knowing
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What is worth knowing in Tourism In Spain can be a very difficult task, because it is a stage of numerous attractions for its tourists. In many years many tourists, who in fact would be enthusiastic people to know Spain and enjoy everything she can offer. It is a country that can be a dive in an incredible universe of many adventures, knowledge and experience.

Your language is Spanish and many people can improve this language or even learn this language in Spain, which is the best destination for this, besides to know its beaches, museums, theaters, palaces, aquarium markets and many
other charms that we will search here in this post, which we most lovely places.

The capital of Spain

It is Madrid that has many points to visit and are very interesting to take advantage. Despite all its agitation, this capital is sought by many as an important romantic destination and many couples are captivated by passing for this city. The Plaza Mayor is a tourist spot that is full of artists and people of all kinds.

It is the heart of Spain, it is also an intellectual and political center with a focus on arts of the monarchs in their most different tendencies. There is a triad of museums which are the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza, a royal palace endowed with very luxury and wealth and a gastronomy that we can find tapas, paellas, sweets and hams along with drinks such as wine that is treated with much respect in well-stocked cellars.

The visitor can also find many shows, exhibitions and shows in its bustling cultural life and for sports lovers there are good events such as matches of local teams like Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. It is also possible to make great walks to cities as close as Toledo and a little more distant as the city of walls of Avila.

A place of crystalline waters

We are referring to Ibiza, which holds one of its most enchanting beaches of Europe, simply a perfect destination for anyone who is looking to relax or have fun. It is a place that will always provide something more in any time of year and with many adventures of your choice. Throughout the island, they found fortifications that protected their entire population of pirates.

Still in Ibiza we can find simple churches and even an archaeological museum, but his most eye-catching spot is his famous ballads and healing small beaches such as Cala d`em Serra, Cala Salada and the rocky S`llotdes Rencli. It is a true natural paradise with its landscapes which are to take the blow.

The city of modernist traits

The third largest city in Spain is Valencia and its travelers are in front of so many details that are magnificent and many of its tourists that already have visited this city, put it on top of its tourist attractions with to enjoy or visit and with a charming history that is millenarian, with its buildings that leave the visitor open-mouthed.

This city is beautiful not only by those who want to shop in their many markets, as well as its architectural beauties. Do not stop visit the Mercado Central de Valencia and the Mercado de Colon, which are the stylish and the most visited in Spain. It is the city that symbolizes the 21st century.

In Valencia there is also the L`Oceanográfic, which is the largest aquarium in Europe and is located in the City of Arts and Sciences which is a tourist complex with attractions that are simply fantastic and that make it worth it all this trip.

The fourth largest city

The fourth largest city in Spain is Sevilla, one of the hottest continent, which pleases a large part of the tourists from all over the world. Their tourist attractions are varied in this region and in the center of this Cathedral and the Alcazar, which are historical monuments of this city and which is the responsible for welcoming all travelers.

The charming neighborhood of Santa Cruz where its cafes bring a Romanticism is something a must see for your visitors. It is the most Spain and guards three constructions that are considered World Heritage of Humanity, there are also in this city many monuments and districts that are Picturesque. And the city of castanets and beautiful flamenco dancers who they make elegant movements with their hands.

A cozy attraction in Spain

Granada is a cozy attraction. It has a wonderful cuisine, a beautiful culture and a history that is extremely rich. Many tourists considered as one of the most beautiful places in Spain, its landscape is World Heritage and reflects the whole identity of this place. Go to Mirador de San Nicolás and have a splendid view.

The restaurants of Granada are filled with snacks, which take the name of tapas and all its history, architecture and geographical position is unique as in no other city in the world and the best way to get to know this city is to foot, therefore, its historical center of this city is very compact. Several copies of Moorish architecture are scattered throughout Granada and especially in Albaicin neighborhoods and the Alhambra Palace.

Cordoba, Spain

É uma cidade famosa pela sua majestosa mesquita e seus pátios declarados Patrimônio Imaterial da Humanidade pela UNESCO. Córdoba exala beleza, com pessoas amáveis, flores por todos os lados, seus pátios bonitos e uma arquitetura também incrível, com passado e presente que são contados visualmente nesta cidade.

De norte a sul da Espanha há muitos lugares para conhecer e deslumbrar com suas belezas que terminam com praias, histórias, gastronomia, cultura e todos os seus monumentos, vão tornar esta viagem realmente muito impressionante para todos os turistas que desejam viajar para a Espanha. . Boa Viagem!

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