Tourism in Morocco – What you can not miss?

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Tourism in Morocco – What you can not miss?
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Tourism in Morocco is a country that is located in Maghreb, North Africa. Your geography is defined by a hilly and rugged interior, by large stretches desert and an elongated coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital is Rabat and the largest city is Casablanca, with a population of more than 34 millions of people, covering an area of ​​446,550 kilometers.

The culture of Morocco

Everything is a mixture of Arabs, native Berbers, sub-Saharan Africans and European level. Their religion is Islam and the official languages ​​are Arabic, Tamazight. A dialect which is Darija and French are also widely spoken. In their dinners the dishes are brought by little and always by a woman, with a basin of metal with soap in the medium, made of handmade sculptures and water in the middle, to wash hands and a towel is offered to dry.

Mint tea, green tea with mint-green and sugar are drunk before and after eating, eat on a communal plate, with the right hand, thumb and first fingers and to the end thank saying all hamdu lillah which means thanks to God and they repeat the ritual of washing their hands. Whatever you want to buy in Morocco get ready to negotiate, because your values ​​start very high, try to reach a half term.


It is one of the most important sectors of its Moroccan economy and focused on their culture, like the old cities. It is the fifth largest economy in African continent and its currency is the Moroccan dirham. Tourism is also the second highest foreign exchange earnings after the phosphate industry in that region. All concentrated in its coast, in its culture and in the history of that country.

Its not to be missed places

Morocco is increasingly sought after by its tourists, so it is possible to planning a trip with visits in several of these cities and the point of entry is Casablanca. There are many flights that are direct between Brazil and Morocco. Their
tourists can go to a city to the north, called Fés that counts on a very modern and new center, including shopping malls, avenues and a strong influence of the Western culture. A guide to help in Faith is indispensable.

Your capital Rabat

It is the capital of Morocco and the second largest city of that country, being only behind Casablanca. Its division occurs in two halves that are completely different, on one side a very modern city, on its tall buildings and subway rides and on the other side a historic and very traditional town that is surrounded by ramparts, very well preserved and with its traditional Moroccan markets.

Visit in Rabat the Hassan tower and in its patio is located the mausoleum of Mohammed V, a place of great importance for Moroccans and worth a visitation. In its capital, it has a good supply of beaches and around 7 pm,
pass by the Royal Palace and watch the render of the guard.

Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco

There are more than 3 million inhabitants. It is a city of low buildings, a history very rich, which unites many cultures and customs. It also has two large Medinas and only serve as housing. The lighthouse in this city can be raised and dazzle her from above. The famous mosque is Hassan II, considered a postcard of the Moroccan city.

Marrakesh the Red City

Marrakesh is the fourth city in Morocco and better known as the Red City. It is a place that impresses in its first contact, with a modernity that is mixed with a whole tradition of millennia. Your local Medina delights those who visit. Hotels and Resorts form a thriving tourist complex.

A city that carries millennia of stories and in its museums prevails very much this story. Do not miss the fair that happens in this Medina every day from the 17h and goes until dawn, local foods, juices, spices, handicrafts and the famous tea of ​​Morocco, is an Islamic country and because of this they do not drink no alcohol.

Saara’s desert

Another must-see place for tourists and always will be found in the mountains in this famous location. The dunes of Erg Chebi lie in the Sahara Desert and in the with an immensity of sand totally isolated and with an access to the
dunes well facilitated.

Tourists may choose to stay in a tent at this location, rather than to a hotel or hostel around and with that, to live a full experience in this local. There is much to do on this visit as the 4 × 4 tours, many visits in neighboring Berber villages and other adventures in that desert.

The Atlas Mountains

It is a place that is without tourists all year round, it is as if it were a great escape cities. It is the opportunity to get to know a very different Morocco and the is lost at the top of the atlas mountain and for some year, it is impossible to get there, because there is no road and yes, a mountain that it is possible to ride a normal car.

A very good place for trekking and hiking at the end of March and mid-November. His government is investing in trekking circuits and developing their tourism. It is the opportunity to escape the agitation of big cities and still know the Berbers, who are the peoples who population of Africa before the arrival of the Arabs.

Todra’s Gorges

They are large canyons that are located 25 kilometers from the city of Tinghir, with an access road that is already wonderful and stunning, with beautiful landscapes along the way and its view to a majestic palm grove. Do not let
to visit Morocco and know all its beauties, of course, of all its history and culture.

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