Tips for Travelers in India

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Tips for Travelers in India
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If your destination is Asia, here are some tips for these travelers and more India in South Asia, which is the second
population and the seventh largest in geographic area. India is a republic that is composed of 28 states and seven other territories of the union and which has a system of democracy, with the seventh largest economy in the world in GDP.

The most visited cities in India

These cities that are most visited are New Delhi, which is their capital and which receives many visitors, being the gateway, Agra which is the city of the Taj Mahal, considered one of the seven wonders of the world, Jaipur which is the pink city in Rajasthan, Amritar where the Goldem Temple is located, which is sacred to the Shiks, Jaisalmer which is golden city in Rajasthan, The ceremonies on the Ganges River is in the holy city of Varanasi, which is also very visited, Khajuraho, which is the city of the Kama Sutra, Rishikesh which is the world capital of yoga, McLeod Ganj stands at the foot of the Himalayas where the Dalai Lama lives and the Tibetans in exile and Mumbai is also one of the most visited cities in India, which is a metropolis that has a more modern architecture than New Delhi.

Your beauties

India still suffers from poverty, gender-based violence, Malnutrition, however, is a place of ancient culture, full of traditions. A location that is one of the oldest nations in the world with one hundred monuments that are historical,
its fortresses, mosques and temples of beauty of more than a thousand years and which are spectacular

Clothes for women in India

India is a place of many traditions and customs and the women there, should always be covered with your shoulders, do not wear tank tops, short shorts or jeans, because the latter for them is considered very sexy and not well View. Women should wear traditional Indian clothing.

Indians think that women wearing clothes that show the body or that are asking to be harassed and an invitation to the stupid Avoid this, when traveling, especially avoid reproachful looks and your comments. The recommended is the use of wide pants, long skirts below of the knee and sweater in the style of robes.

In temples that are sacred your visitors should also be properly clothing, this means that women should dress according to their custom and what is recommended is still cover the head with veils or handkerchiefs.

Hygiene in India

Items that are basic hygiene items such as alcohol gel, toothpaste, towel, handkerchief will not be found in the hotels, restaurants or bathrooms in that place, but you can find to buy these items, pharmacies are rare and the common medicine is Ayurvedic, so it is good to take a remedy for intoxication food, many travelers have problems with food in the first weeks.

There is no sanitation infrastructure and a large part of the population does not dispose of toilets or sewage access networks and not treated water and its habits are very different from Western ones, with real sewers through the city,
men, women and children urinate in the streets and even defecate in public.

Cooking in India

Food in India may be the best thing for travelers or the worst thing for much people, due to the fact of hygiene, not being of the best, and many of their travelers intestinal infections or diarrhea, beginning with the Indian seasoning that is loaded and many are not accustomed, enjoy one more food with fish and seafood, eat only at places that are recommended and choose from restaurants that are always full, order the Chinese noodles.

Avoid salads and ice drinks and give preference to boiled and very hot in India and most hotels, even the most economical ones have also restaurants which are good options for having lunch or dinner and remember to cow is a sacred animal there and no species will be found on the plate. That country is a challenge in the gastronomy on every day of travel, with its dishes spicy

Languages ​​and dialects in India

There are more than 500 dialects and languages ​​and the official is Hindu, English is also the second the most used language and its word that is best known is Namastê, which means hi, travelers can use it to greet. It is a country of great cultural diversity, food labels in supermarkets in India English and Hindu food labels are in the minority on the shelves.

However, in their different languages ​​and dialects that are official in India, the Indians have a body language that is a very own way of communicating, like the head shaking and that this same movement can have many meanings different in the context to which it is inserted in the daily life of these natives. And while eating use the right hand, the left hand is used in the bathroom to clean itself, it is considered impure

Always bargaining

The Indians love a bargain in their prices and are excellent negotiators, therefore, always negotiate this price, when contracting any service like a ride of rickshaws and autoriquixá that are a kind of transportation, the driver can charge the more and a good discount can come out of this negotiation. Burglaries are not so common, but do not neglect, therefore, there are thefts in trains and mainly with backpacks of hand.

Concluding our tips on this trip to India

Follow our little manual to survive in this country, because they are precious tips and that at one time or another the traveler will need at least one, in that place that fascinates all who pass by there, with their traditions and customs.

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