The five cheapest cities in Asia

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The five cheapest cities in Asia
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Asia is the largest continent, covering a third of the are solid from the Earth’s surface and are also the largest in area and population. Your people are very different in their practices and behaviors that are language, in their religious beliefs and in their way of life. Your civilization began more than 4000 years ago, founding the oldest cities.

A people of discoveries

Its citizens also discovered the writing and still created the first literatures. They were also the founders of all the religions of the world and are the most emblematic for Asians such as Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ and Mohammed. These people were also the inventors of gunpowder, paper and compass and press type to print texts.

Governance systems in Asia

There are various systems of government in Asia, and it is the China, the monarchs who rule the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Thailand, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and the democracy in countries like Israel and Japan.

The explosion of its Asian population

Industrial development took place with the citizens of Europe and United States, with the use of machinery and other resources in agriculture, but most Asian countries did not develop industrially and continued to be agriculture-based countries with hand tools and at the same time there was a population explosion, which until today occurs,
increasing consumption of food, jobs and basic things.

The Asian culture

The whole culture of Asia is an aggregate of legacies of many nationalities, societies, religions and their ethnic groups. Art, music, literature and cuisine are very important in this continent, as well as its philosophy and its religion and one of its most complex parts of this culture. are the relationship between traditional cultures and the Western world.

The cheapest destinations in Asia

The best of this continent to travel is in all its versatility in that the traveler can find beach, mountain, many cultural routes, gastronomy and big cities. Gradually it is becoming a destination much sought after by its travelers with its beaches, nature and its culture which catches the attention of many people around the world.

1. A charming country

This country is Nepal, famous for its scenery that is worthy of movies and the traveler you may encounter this trip with activities that are considered radical, or a zen moment or much contact with nature and without cost
very expensive. Stay at a hostel in Kathmandu’s Thamel district, which can cost $ 4.00 per night and the food is also very cheap with their dishes in restaurants that cost about $ 2 or $ 3.00.

The locomotion by Nepal is also very cheap and especially in speaking of large bus trips such as Kathmandu to Pokhara that last about 7 hours and cost about $ 10.00, a good place and priced tempting to get to know each other.

2. A country of dreams

We are referring to Indonesia, it is the dream of many people to travel there in Asia which is very cheap too. With its wonderful Yogyakarta temples, which passes through the volcanoes to the beaches of the Gilli Islands. This country also became famous for the movie Eat, Pray and Love, increasing its popularity.

The cost of food for your visitors is good in Indonesia with your delicious fried noodles that cost about $ 1.50 in most restaurants simple and its transport is also very cheap, choose by bus and train. On here It is no different are great your options to stay and with a beautiful landscape.

3. A destination to travel there

Another destination that is cheap in Asia, this is Cambodia. Many of your visitors only go there to see their temples Angkor What in Siem Reap, which is the largest religious complex in the world and in Cambodia there is
many islands that are paradisiacal, which are hidden and many small are truly amazing.

In this country there is also a low cost in their hostels with a lot of quality in their shared rooms that can cost up to $ 2.50, the food costs about $ 3.00 at each meal, and traveling around the country can be buses with well-priced tickets that can cost up to $ 10.00 depending on the course.

4. Vietnam

A country full of breathtaking landscapes and a very strong history. O Tourist will be enchanted by its rice plantations that are located at the and the islands of Halong Bay, to the center of that country is the city ​​of Hoi An, marvel at its colorful lanterns.

In this city of Hoi An, cheap hostels are also found with a certain comfort up and for a price that can cost about $ 5.00 a night at its rooms, food from all over Vietnam is a delight and also cheap, if spend about $ 2.00 or $ 3.00 per meal. Transportation in this country is the buses, which costs about $ 30.00 and the package can be purchased at agencies that will give you the right to travel through various cities in that country.

5. The darling of travelers

This is Thailand, which is also the most talked about and known in the world, although it is a country with a higher cost than Nepal, it is still considered one of the cheapest to travel on the Asian continent and still has paradisiacal beaches that will give a relax for your travelers recharge your batteries to get back to your routine here in Brazil.

There are also many golden temples and full of life and on the Phi Phi to find hostels for $ 7.00 a night and cheap street food, coming out at a price of $ 2.00. Choose one of these destinations that are considered Asian continent and enjoy your next vacation.

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