12 beaches in the world that you have to know

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12 beaches in the world that you have to know
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Let’s pack your bags and travel through 12 world-wide beaches that you have to know. They are natural beauties that enchant and inspire your visitors. Discovering these new places can make this trip a true destination to relax and enjoy.

In our list there will be beaches for all tastes, can be classified as to dive, admire its beauties, step on its sands, relax
enough. Do not forget to photograph and carry in your luggage a lot of joy for this fun, that will bring wonderful memories.

1. Hawaii
The beach of Hanalei Bay is in Hawaii, it is always deserted. It is the largest north coast of Hawaii, consisting of almost two miles of beach and surrounded by mountains. In the summer, good moorings are offered to sailboats, stand up paddle and swimming and during the winter the surf is the sport favorite on this beach.

2. Seychelles
The Seychelles islands are a paradise that is very small and that is well above of Madagascar, off the Somali coast and offers beaches that are paradisiacal and with hot water and that leave any tourist amazed with such beauty One of them is the beach Anse Lazio, with its numerous palm trees which surround it. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

3. Ipanema
Brazil could not be left out and choosing only one was a task one both difficult, bad, won the beach of Ipanema, It is a stylish destination with views to the most incredible mountains of Rio de Janeiro and still has good bars, restaurants and malls. It is in the south zone and between Arpoador and Garden of Alah, a very famous beach.

Throughout its history it has served as inspiration for poets, writers and musicians and in the music the classic of Bossa Nova Garota de Ipanema, of the composer Vinicius de Moraes. Drive is what is not missing on this beach by tourists who are Brazilian or foreign and that infects any visitor.

4. Silver Strand State
The beach at Silver Strand State is in California and very good for the visitor who want a more leisurely stroll, spending a few hours in the sand on the a crowd of tourists. Travelers will find shells that are and swim in warm Pacific water. It is the calm side of San Diego Bay.

5. Navagio Beach
This beach of Navagio Beach is in Greece and on the island of Zakynthos and is not very hot, with temperatures that do not exceed 12ºC, with a sand blue waters and cliffs that surround it, only increase its title that is to be a unique paradise. It is a beach well known for having a ship stranded since 1980, which is the vessel MV Panagiotis. It is only accessed by ship or parachute.

It is recognized by the practice of basejuping in the modality of low altitude, in that the practitioners throw themselves of cliffs to fall of parachute soon in followed on this beach.

6. Australia
In Australia the best beach is Bells, it is south of Melbourne. It is the stage of a famous surfing competition that is Rip Curl Pro. It is a place known for waves, for its plants, hills and flowers that surround it. There are 243 Km
roads until arriving at it and being able to appreciate all its beauties, which are its huge rock formations that penetrate the sea.

7. Mexico
In Mexico we separated the Playa Paraíso in Tulum, which has a corals that leave the sea calm and that is ideal for a dip. Is visited by thousands of tourists with their impressive white sands and green waters and with a calm sea, make this beach a place that is good for those who want a tranquility or for those who want to venture into a diving.

8. Bahamas
We separate the beach from Pink Sands Beach, which is at least curious, reserve your sand that is in pink, that’s right! Pink. It is a sand that looks like it was taken from a fairy tale. Her floor is all colored by small red and pink shells that along with insects that are tiny in their water that is turquoise create a dream scenario.

9. Tahiti
In Tahiti we have Bora Bora which is a magical island and that forms the Polynesia French in its 29 kilometers of extension, in this piece of paradise that is protected and surrounded by a lagoon that is surrounded by sandy beaches
white and the best is Matira Point. It is the romantic island, for having its beaches deserts, bungalows and a very quiet atmosphere.

10. New York
In New York there is the Hamptons beach, which owns shrubs and dunes. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Long Sland. It is the scene of many films and seriados, so it’s a beach very famous for its charm as well and turns
a haven from the heat it makes in New York. Everything is very quiet and its visitors sit inside a movie, with its tree-lined streets, charming and very calm.

11. Italy
In Italy we separate the beach of Dune which is located in the region of Versilia and with a short trip one arrives until the city of Torre del Lago. In yours many bars, tourists can sample the food and drink of this region and
in the summer months, there are many beach parties and beach volleyball tournaments on this beach. The main characteristic of this beach are its dunes and with a sea of ​​water wild, not recommended for children or people who do not know how to swim.

12. Spain
In Spain we separate Ibiza and the beach is called Es Cavallet which is one of the most beautiful of this region, which lies between Ibiza and the airport. A great option to appreciate all the beauty of this beach. We came to the end with tips the most beautiful beaches in the world to meet and enjoy beautiful moments in one of them. Prepare your bags and have a good trip.

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